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DeltaGliderIV User manual
© Daniel Polli 2003-2007 http://orbiter.dansteph.com

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1.0 Introduction
2.0 Technical data
3.0 Initial configuration
4.0 Keyboard controls
5.0 Loading passengers, payload and changing DGIV skin
6.0 Check-lists and check vessel state display
7.0 Panels
8.0 Crew Safety
9.0 Life support system
10.0 Autopilots
10.1 Presentation of custom autopilots
11.0 Calculating Launch Azimuth with DGIV calculator
12.0 Prelude II - An advanced base
13.0 Know bugs – limitation
14.0 Frequently asked question – Other bugs
15.0 Making addons, payload, scenarios or skins for DeltaGliderIV
16.0 Downloading or uploading more addons for DeltaGliderIV
17.0 Thanks and legal stuff
18.0 Contact & About me

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1.0 - Introduction
Welcome to the DeltaGliderIV addon !

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The DeltaGliderIV is one of the most advanced vessel addons existing in Orbiter. It includes 70 animated parts, 30 different meshes (not including payloads and Mmu), 24 textures (not including extra skins), advanced effects (like turning wheels, crash debris, reentry heat shield and wing vapor), an onboard computer, 12 custom autopilots and 37000 lines of newly optimized C++ code. All buttons and systems on the panel are fully functional. Even with all the new features, great care was taken so that the DGIV still runs at an average of 40-80fps on my old 1.7 Ghz P4 with a TI4200 graphic card.

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The DeltaGliderIV, despite its futuristic look and the fact that it contains technology that is impossible, is also one of the most realistic ships in Orbiter in the sense that it puts the human in the center of the simulation. You must now take care of your crew members and can no longer claim a « successful flight » with a reentry angle of 90°, an ascent at 20G, a landing at 20m/s or such thing that exceeds usual limitations of the human body or hardware.

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With great attention to detail, the crew's individual reactions to G are very realistic where vector, force and duration of G are all taken into account. Heartbeat and O2 consumption increase under stressful conditions, the calculator really works and can do complex calculations, etc. etc. Dozens of small details like these are hidden behind the many buttons and systems available.

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A real DeltagliderIV might not have a cargo bay, it might require rocket launch assist to the moon or only be capable of short flights around the earth with unpowered reentry, but that's not really the purpose of the DelaGliderIV addon. It is meant at first to make you dream, learn about space flight and explore Orbiter's solar system with an exceptional and fun ship. If you prefer such realism, you can always choose to fly using a very low power engine (Mark I) with low O2 and fuel reserve.