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The base main menu:
The « mountain » style pad on Phobos
13.0 -Know bugs – limitation
Crash to desktop:
If you experience Crash to desktop during EVA ingress or DeltaGliderIV destruction it is 99.99% probable that you have another addon MFD or module that has kept a handle on DGIV or Ummu after is deletion. There is no workaround you can do for this, delete object is a normal Orbiter procedure. Keeping a handle is a bad programming practice as handle will point on nothing once an object deleted. The only solution is to ask the other addon's author to not keep Objects's handle but instead object's name, get the handle by name each timestep and always check returned handle before using them. Take care: the culprit may be an addon in a scenario but also a plugin module or a MFD
Some other addons may use tricks that are very dangerous such as spawning more than 60 docking ports or having mesh model with more than 100'000 polygons. Such bad practice may lead in some case to CTD also. This said the DeltaGliderIV is very stable on a fresh installation of Orbiter 2006+P1 and works nicelly with most other addons.
Note: In some rare case where one addon makes DGIV CTD it seem that moving all prelude, DGIV and Ummu vessel on top of scenario before other addons * may * cure the problem.

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