среда, 23 декабря 2009 г.


12.0 - Prelude II - An advanced base
Prelude II is an advanced base for Orbiter included in DeltaGliderIV package.
Prelude II bases include the following features:
● Compatible UMmu (DGIV crew can enter, exit the base).
● One base can contain up to 40 UMmu crew.
● Animated solar panel that follow the sun.
● Animated airlock.
● Different skins included (skin SDK available on site).
● Animated pad lighting that change automatically when a ship is landed on pad.
● Custom sounds (ambiance, feedback voice).
● Flat or « mountain » pad (so it can be positionned for example on Phobos or on flat ground).
● User menu to manage airlock, EVA crew members, select skin, select socle , randomly renew crew members.

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