среда, 23 декабря 2009 г.


By default the shortcut are as follow: (numbers are top keyboard number, not numpad)
ALT+1 PRO400SPEC01 Taxiing hold speed (maintain a speed of 10 m/s)
ALT+2 PRO400SPEC18 Aproach hold speed (maintain a speed of 180 m/s)
ALT+3 PRO400SPEC25 Flight hold speed (maintain a speed of 250 m/s)
ALT+4 PRO300SPEC0 Docking auto (Automatically dock your DGIV)
ALT+5 PRO110SPEC0 Atmospheric flight autopilot (heading, altitude &speed)
ALT+6 PRO903SPEC40 Earth ascent to low orbit. (normal take-off, use « 904 » if you want hover take-off)
ALT+7 PR105SPEC40 Automatic reentry.

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