среда, 23 декабря 2009 г.


PRO90*SPECNN – Ascent autopilot
Ascent autopilots can take-off automatically either with conventional take-off (aircraft style) either by hover take-off and will put you in Orbit with an ECC of 0.0000 (the final altitude depends on your weight,engine and fuel setting) They are designed to work best with default Mark IV engine and default fuel setting. Simply engage them on ground and watch your vessel taking off (the autopilot even raise gear if you forget them) Ascent autopilots list: (all autopilots raise gear automatically at 15 meter)
PRO903 Conventional take-off from earth.
PRO904 Hover take-off from Earth.
PRO905 Hover take off from Moon.
PRO906 Hover take-off from Mars.

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