среда, 23 декабря 2009 г.


D – Engine and fuel panel
Here are all the engine and fuel controls, on the top you have input valves to refuel the DGIV (see check-list). The engine valves must be open otherwise thrusters cannot operate. You can transfer fuel from one tank to another. You can engage turbo pump (post combustion) that gives you more power either by pressing « BackSpace » or clicking on « turbo pump » button. To engage turbo you must already have engine set to 100%. In the middle you can find the remote thrust that allow you to delay planed burn. A backup start/stop button is on the middle panel so you can start a countdown while watching MFD. Retro and hover thrusters are protected by doors so that they do not burn during reentry. You can force those doors to open or close (safety during reentry) but it is best to leave them on Auto; they will open automatically when a thrust is requested either by your commands or by autopilot command.

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