среда, 23 декабря 2009 г.


PRO105SPEC40 – Automatic reentry autopilot
Useful for reentry on earth, and can teach you also how to do a « burn proof » reentry. This autopilot will take care to reenter you so you do not burn in atmosphere. It is not meant to land you were you want it will just manage your AOA so you do not burn, It is your responsability to have a correct orbit before reentry and to perform the brake burn at the right time to land where you want. (see tutorial scenario) This autopilot will manage AOA to keep a correct vertical speed to maintain temperature within acceptable range You can only change bank see DISP 1 (D1) display when autopilot is running for help about which keys to use. This autopilot will disengage himself once reentry completed at about 2500 km/h (700 m/s)
TIPS: reentry autopilot work also somewhat on Mars, not tested on other planets.

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